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JLU School of Liberal Arts & Humanities

JLU School of Liberal Arts & Humanities explores human experiences across an exceptionally broad range of subjects. With a student-centred approach, the course structure is designed to encourage students to reflect on human conditions and relevant contemporary issues. The School aims to strive for interdisciplinary interactions by challenging the conventional approach and moving beyond the traditional disciplinary compartments. The School’s holistic approach to knowledge creation, dissemination and fostering inclusive culture has successfully redefined the educational experiences. With its best in-learning infrastructure and faculty members the School lays emphasis on practical training, internships, live projects, field visits and expert lectures leading to quality placements.

The teaching is focused on enabling the students to be proactive rather than reactive. By motivating the students to become more sensitive and empathetic towards her/his fellow human beings, the students are empowered to contribute towards building a better world. Students expand their horizons by studying different subjects which helps them in preparing for an increasingly changing professional world. The skills acquired with a degree in Humanities and Social Sciences will vary with specialty, however all students attain improved skills of observation, description, synthesis, analysis and interpretation. These skills enable students to think creatively and critically in discovering solutions to issues which shapes our society.

Partnerships & MOU

Why Us

  • JLU School of Liberal Arts and Humanities is part of Madhya Pradesh No1 Private University, Jagran Lakecity University.
  • The school host India’s first Social Innovation Lab in collaboration with Oasis Foundation
  • Human Factor Assessment Lab in collaboration with Dalham Foundation for clinical psychology
  • Pedagogy based on case discussion, Live projects and blended learning
  • Mandatory 8 week internship programs
  • Opportunity for international student exchange with our academic partners.
  • Lectures delivered by Former Diplomats, IAS, IPS and IRS officers
  • Students are involved in the teaching-learning process through role play and simulations thus enabling them to gain better insight in theoretical concepts and contemporary issues.
  • Well established Psychology Laboratory for conducting Psychology practical and research.
  • Networking opportunities for students by organizing guest lectures, seminars and workshops.

Members Board of Studies

Prof.(Dr.) Ruchi Sharma
Professor & Director
JLU School of Liberal Arts and Humanities
Chairperson, Board of Studies

Prof. (Dr.) Bhupinder Singh
Head, Department of Psychology UTD
Barkatullah University, Bhopal

Prof.(Dr.) Vikas Jaoolkar
Head, Department of English Literature
Hamidia College, Bhopal

Prof.(Dr.) Shama Niyazi
Professor of English Literature
MLB College, Bhopal

Prof.(Dr.) Anupam Shukla
Head, Department of Psychology
IEHE, Bhopal

Dr. Anupama Maheshwari
Career Counselor, Aadhar Centre for Child Development, Psychological and Career Counseling

Dr. Anshika Makhijani
Assistant Professor (SG)
JLU School of Liberal Arts and Humanities

Dr. Suman Swati
Assistant Professor (SG)
JLU School of Liberal Arts and Humanities

Ms Urvashi Dutta
Assistant Professor (SG)
JLU School of Liberal Arts and Humanities

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