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Joined Faculty of Law as a 'Distinguished Jurist Professor of Law'
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Jagran Lakecity University

Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal is a private university established under Section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956 and is based out of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. JLU Bhopal is one of the fastest growing and one of the most awarded universities of Central India having practice-based pedagogy at its core. Currently, the university is offering 56-degree program to more than 2500 students from 8 countries and 27 states of India. The university has numerous partnerships with top industries and international educational institutes, ensuring the students get great exposure both nationally and internationally.

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JLU Campus

Jagran Lakecity University is situated in a pristine expanse of 232 acres spread between 2 campuses. With lush green forest surrounding the Student Enrichment Hub from three sides, it is a magnificent area at Chandanpura, Bhopal and houses the only functional pyramid of the country. The campus at Mungalia Chhap, is spread in 196 acres and houses state of the art facilities for students.The university’s academic blocks consist of classrooms, auditorium and labs for hands of training for the students. Pyramid houses a library, giving students access to books and journals in both physical and digital form. The campus is completely Wi-Fi enabled and secured with CCTV cameras.

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Events at JLU

Miracle of Maths | Day – 1

Miracle of Maths | Day – 1

JLU School of Engineering and Technology, Bhopal is going to conduct an online two days event “Miracle of Maths” on 24th & 25th January 2022.

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24 January 2022 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM


JLU-School of Hospitality and Tourism is organizing a National Level Event & Competition on National Tourism Day 2022. All the students across India enrolled in any School, College, Institute or University are welcome to join the competition.

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25 January 2022 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Miracle of Maths | Day – 2

Miracle of Maths | Day – 2

JLU School of Engineering and Technology, Bhopal is going to conduct an online two days event “Miracle of Maths” on 24th & 25th January 2022.

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25 January 2022 11:15 AM - 3:30 PM
Faculty Empowerment Workshop – Day 2

Faculty Empowerment Workshop – Day 2

Jagran Lakecity University has planned a series of Faculty Empowerment Workshops for all members of faculty.

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22 January 2022 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Jagran Lakecity University is organizing a Workshop for AUAP members on benchmarking quality Standards. Developed from a Global Perspective, the Workshop will introduce the "HAPPI* Model

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22 January 2022 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Leadership Development Programme Day – 1

Leadership Development Programme Day – 1

Jagran Lakecity University is organizing a series of Leadership Development Programmes for its Leadership Team.

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20 January 2022 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

International Collaborations

In line with our vision of being a International University, JLU has partnered with some of the best universities abroad to make sure that our students get accustomed to the changes and innovations happening all around the world. Through these collaborations, Jagranites get global exposure under International Degree Programs which include Credited Electives, International Teaching Months,

Exchange Programs for both faculty and students, Semester Exchanges, and Summer Schools. We have crafted special arrangements with our partner universities such that our students also get economic benefits in tuition fees while enrolling in any of our partner universities abroad.


There is more than one reason to join us!


There is more than one reason to join us!


Hear it from Our Students

Being a part of JLU SoHSS has been a great experience for me. The diverse and aptly-curated syllabus with well-thought pedagogy really helped us to gain knowledge through multiple approaches. The department and our faculties effectively managed to conduct various events and webinars even in the pandemic, which helped us to learn and get acquainted with experienced professionals from around the world. The constant support and motivation provided by each faculty is really admirable and to be thankful

Anisha Goswami

BA(Hons) Psychology, class of 2021

I entered my bachelor’s with absolutely no knowledge about my course other than the fact that I would get to study literature but from the moment that I stepped into my first lecture, I have never felt more at home at any other place; the faculty and the department helped me to cultivate my interest in literature, the college experience with my batchmates helped me overcome my shortcomings and made a big impact on my personality.

Aditya Khare

BA(Hons) English Literature, class of 2021

For me, there could have been no better place than JLU to pursue English Literature. The curriculum spans literature from various eras and cultures which enabled me to explore, enhance and express my creative as well as intellectual self. The program comes along with subjects like psychology and sociology which aid in sagacious analysis of literary works and also individual growth. Most importantly the program focuses on the comprehensive development of the students

Mishika Baretha

BA (Hons) English Literature, Class of 2021

My journey at JLU with incredibly supportive classmates, and professors who were nothing short of champions taught me so much academically and I was challenged to discover a voice I didn’t know I had. I found myself able to communicate, innovate, and collaborate in ways that transformed me into a new self. All the achievements from being a leader to scholar, being acknowledged and awarded for, motivated me throughout the course of time.

Madiha Rizwan

BA (Hons) English Literature, Class of 2021

Getting placed amidst a pandemic was a consequential concern for me too.Jagran Lakecity University placed me at Mushroom World Films and I couldn’t be more grateful. The plethora of opportunities JLU has opened up for me immediately after the completion of my course along with the grooming during the programme helps me immensely in this industry. I will always be in admiration of JLU.

Palak Vishwakarma

BAJMC, class of 2022

The members of faculty give their best to make us learn something new everyday by giving assignments, organising debates and much more. The university itself organizes seminars and various competitions which makes learning more fun and understandable and it’s the best part of this university.

Harmeet Singh Khalsa

B.COM (Taxation), class of 2021

JLU instilled in me the zeal to learn new things and adapt to challenging situations. My journey from being an introvert to opening up and speaking in front of crowds is dedicated to the faculty members of JLU. They pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me a better person.

Pratham Saravagi

BBA, class of 2022

Taking admission in Jagran School of Visual Arts and Design was a right decision for me. They have one of the best studios and labs. I got to learn a lot here from the faculty members as well as get a chance to interact with the industry experts in a series of seminars. The college focuses more on our practical and technical skills, and I am looking forward to completing my studies and becoming an expert in my field.

Ankit Kumar Singh

BFA Filmmaking and Animation, class of 2024

At JLU, the members of faculty are very helpful, cooperative and supportive. Also the infrastructure here is so elegant that it makes the learning process peaceful and perfect while providing us all the latest equipment which helps us to practice and learn. I feel fortunate to choose JLU as my destination of study.

Raunaq Ahmed

BFA Animation and VFX, class of 2024

Jagran Lakecity University is the most supporting and encouraging institute for learning. It has helped me a lot to build my personality and communication skills in order to interact with potential clients. I took advantage of my classes, the help professors provided, many student organizations, and the access to production equipment. I have spent several hours learning to use all of the computer programs related to video production and graphics, as well as the broadcasting and film equipment. JLU has prepared me very well to go out into the real world.

Charu Jain

BAJMC, Class of 2021

The facilities for students at JLU are best in class, but what I like the most is the design of the classrooms. Students spent most time inside a class and classrooms at JLU are well lit, airy and provide comfortable individual seating, so that students don’t feel cramped inside them.

Ashneet Kalra

BBA 3rd year, Class of 2021

The infrastructure at JLU is so well laid out that it exhibits perfect harmony between learning and leisure. The experienced faculty helped me gain the exposure I needed before venturing into the industry. Apart from theoretical knowledge, I also learnt practical aspects of editing, photography and videography that helped me develop a comprehensive perspective.

Neha Kumari

MA Journalism 3rd Year, Class of 2021

The natural environment of JLU compels me to come to campus everyday and feels like spending more time here. Due to the greenery here, the learning is stress free. You enjoy the sound of birds and the natural beauty and with time it starts feeling like home. JLU Campus is the best environment one can get as a student.

Ramkrishn Goswami

BA Journalism, class of 2022

The sports infrastructure of JLU was the main reason I took admission. The grounds are well maintained, it immediately catches attention. The coaches and staff in the sports department are always extremely approachable and helpful. Being in JLU has helped me to grow as a player and I have also been able to enhance my strengths. The students can come to practice any time when the university is open.

Nitin Singh Gehlot

MBA, class of 2021

I’m in awe of the well equipped library at JLU, where there are innumerous books, which makes it easier for the students to get all the information required in one place. Comfortable furniture, peaceful environment, co-operative librarian, ample room to study individually along with the access to digital publications and monthly magazines, makes the library the best hangout place for me.

Yogya Singh Gaur

BA.LLB, class of 2024

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