Masterclass Certificate Course on ‘Int

To facilitate exposure to the inter- relationship between law and economics. To teach by examples how to conduct economic analysis of laws. To promote a culture of teaching, learning and research on the interplay of law and economics.   About…
  • Starts From January 25, 2022

Diploma in Food Production & Patiss

To make students familiar with the world of cookery and bakery. To equip the students with basic knowledge and skills of food production. To make them learn about basic ingredients, raw material, their uses, compositions. To provide knowledge about sanitation…
  • Duration One and half Years (3 Semesters).
  • Starts From August 16, 2022

Advanced Certificate Programme in Corpor

This Advanced Certificate will help address the burgeoning demand for trained CSR professionals from the Corporate, public and NGO sectors in India. These professionals will not only help shape the CSR policies of the companies but also help administer CSR…
  • Duration 3 Months
  • Starts From February 18, 2022

Peace and Nonkilling in The World’s Re

This course will cover teachings and practices of the world’s main religions in relation to theories of peace, war, and non-killing. Which of them advocate non-violence? Which of them have specific teachings on conflict resolution and war prevention in their…
  • Duration 5 weekend
  • Starts From January 14, 2022

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

To provide an insight into the theoretical foundations of CBT To explore the techniques used in CBT. To provide opportunities to practice the same in a simulated context To introspect and apply the techniques on oneself Special Features The participants…
  • Duration 3 Days
  • Starts From November 26, 2021

Refresher Course for Law Teachers

To provide Law teachers with knowledge of various modern teaching tools, techniques and skills To uplift theoretical and practical approaches in the domains law and juridical studies. To make teachers and research scholars well versed with contemporary developments in the…
  • Duration 15 Days
  • Starts From June 25, 2021

Structural Equation Modelling with AMOS

This workshop will provide a general introduction to covariance-based and Partial Least Squares (PLS) – Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), with inclusion of supervised practical exercises and software packages of AMOS and SmartPLS [cs_tabs column_size="1/1"] [tab_item tab_active="yes" tab_title="Key Information"] Duration :…
  • Duration 2 Days
  • Starts From May 14, 2021

Certificate Course in Health & Medi

To understand the fundamentals of law(s) relating to health-care & medicine. To know the rights and duties of medical professionals, and patients. Understanding the fundamentals of bio-ethics. Learning fundamentals of drug laws & regulations. Understanding the meaning of clinical well…
  • Duration 2 Days (5 Modules)
  • Starts From May 15, 2021

Certificate Programme in Research Method

The course is designed to offer the participants a hands-on approach to conduct research in various fields. The participants would be able to develop the skills to appreciate the importance of a vibrant research culture and ethics, undertake a robust…
  • Duration 60 Hours (6 Module)
  • Starts From April 2, 2021

Certificate Course on Space Law & P

For India, which has made a mark as a leading space faring nation in the aftermath of the successful probes to moon and Mars, a comprehensive space Act has become a critical necessity to give a greater level of acceleration…
  • Duration 3 Days (6 Modules)
  • Starts From March 26, 2021
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